About Me

As a writer, editor and researcher, my background consists of extensive experience in both technology and education. Currently I am at the University of Cambridge, researching reading in print, reading on screens, and how this influences engagement with books that we read.

My professional experience includes working at Google in Mountain View, CA as part of Authors@Google, one of the world’s best online lecture series. I’ve worked as a director of digital textbooks in the field of nonprofit education, and most recently worked in online education at Stanford University.

I received my Master’s Degree from the University of Oxford, where my research included literary copyright, digital technology, and books as physical/digital objects. My other interests include: online education, Internet culture, how we learn and think, and social media.

At the University of California, Berkeley I created and taught a course on The Simpsons and Philosophy. I’ve also been a contributor to the Blackwell Popular Culture and Philosophy book series, including Heroes and Philosophy, Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy, Arrested Development and Philosophy, 30 Rock and Philosophy, Inception and Philosophy, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Philosophy — and the recently published Lego and Philosophy. My work has been covered in a variety of media sources, including the BBC, CBS, and international organizations.

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