Alice in Wonderland at Oxford

In anticipation of Alice Day in Oxford next month, I’ll be sharing some special Alice in Wonderland pictures from around Oxford.

Christ Church College might properly be thought of as the birthplace of Alice in Wonderland, where mathematician Charles Dodgson (pen name: Lewis Carroll) first met the real life Alice, Alice Liddell. Various locations around the college were inspiration for Carroll’s ideas in the Alice stories. The Alice Tree can be found in the garden of Christ Church. Legend has it, the tree’s mysterious shadows helped Carroll dream up the idea of a grinning Chesire Cat. Other versions of Alice folklore also suggest that this ancient tree with its sprawling branches was the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s famous nonsense poem,  “Jabberwocky” (the tree is also sometimes known as the Jabberwocky Tree). Fact or fiction? Have a look at the pictures for yourself.

The Alice Tree in Christ Church's garden.

Its shadows and branches inspired --

Chesire cats ...

and Jabberwockies.

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