Arrested Development: Running Gags Edition

How did I miss this? Back in May, NPR made an interactive guide to every running gag in Arrested Development: previously, on arrested development. And, I love it. The occurrence/joke in background/foreshadowing format is very smart. Apparently, there were more “… and always leave a note” gags than I remember. From a completely unscientific eyeball test, it looks like “Tobias is gay” gags are the most recurring, which sounds about right.

Also worth a look: the Recurring Developments website.

And of course, this 8-minute supercut of the top 18 Arrested Development running jokes:

OK, so maybe Season 4 didn’t live up to all of the hype (but, could it have, really?) We still might have a Season 5, and the latest word sounded cautiously optimistic — Huffington Post: “Mitch Hurwitz Admits ‘Arrested Development’ Missteps, Plans For Season 5 & Movie.”

Arrested Development and Philosophy is still one of my favorites.


Which reminds me of something else: xkcd and YouTube comments.

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