Briefly Noted: A History of the Kindle

For something that’s only been around four years, the Kindle really has undergone a great deal of change from its 2007 debut — a $399 price tag which sold out in about 5 hours, was out of stock for months; all this despite  having the aesthetics of a really big calculator-looking device. Historians can some day debate the causes and effects of when the Kindle really reached critical mass of mainstream interest– for me, it’s a tie perhaps between the Oprah Moment, and the introduction of the Kindle 3, with its attractive design, size, and price points.  And speaking of price, Engadget notes on the latest Kindle lines: “Amazon’s new Kindle Touch is $99 and the non-touch model is $79. That’s totally nuts and puts them squarely in impulse-buy territory.”


Related: check out this nifty infographic below, which provides a handy timeline of the evolution of the Kindle:

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