Cool: Oxford’s Gutenberg Bible Online, in Amazingly High Resolution

“This Tuesday, The Polonsy Foundation Digitization Project, which aims to digitize the collections of Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries and the Vatican’s Biblioteca Apostolica, made a virtual version of the Gutenberg Bible available online.”

Fewer than fifty copies of the Gutenberg Bibles are known to exist in the world, and you can visit the very high-resolution scans of Oxford Bodleian Library’s copy here.

The Polonsky Foundation Digital Project is a collaboration between The Bodleian Libraries and the Vatican Library and is definitely one of the world’s most interesting digitization projects.


And, for those of us in California: there’s also The Huntington Library’s excellent rare books collection, with its Gutenberg Bible on permanent display. Worth a visit. (And check out the cactus garden, too).


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