DFW & IRS (subtitle: Our Favorite IRS-related post from Today)

Here’s a timely Tax Day post from The Daily Beast: “‘The Pale King’s’ Depiction of IRS Gets Fact Checked“.

David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King is a really good/exhausting read. As Wallace notes of his last novel: “All of this is true. This book is really true.” Well, except for the stuff that isn’t true. Some of the highlights, per Daily Beast:

  1. Is there IRS protocol on how to collect taxes in the event of nuclear war? (possibly true)

  2. Do tax collectors really drive in ice cream trucks? (probably not)

  3. Is life in the IRS so boring that it’s difficult to tell life from death? (coin toss)

  4. From The Pale King: “From the Peoria Journal Star, Monday November 17, 1980 … Supervisors at the IRS’s regional complex in Lake James township are trying to determine why no one noticed that one of their employees had been sitting dead at his desk for four days before anyone asked if he was feeling all right.”

(The Pale King was intended to be released on Tax Day 2011).

And check out notes from his real-life experiences in tax accounting class. It was a bitch, apparently. The New Yorker: “David Foster Wallace’s Tax Classes


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