eBooks and Out of Print Books

“Talk about bringing books back from the dead … It’s actually, in some instances, a struggle to find a print copy that we can start the process with. In that sense it’s sort of saving books as well for future generations.”

Another challenge is to reach a big enough audience and make the works stand out in a marketplace that tends to be dominated by bestseller lists and “hot” new titles.

“The challenge is how do you get a book that’s may be 50, 80 years old and find its audience,” Duncan explained.

The publisher is focusing on books which are out of print and where all English-language rights have reverted back to the author or the author’s estate.

Also, as far as I was able to tell, it appears that Bloomsbury’s ebook offerings are only available in ebook form through Amazon Kindle.

You can visit the Bloomsbury Reader’s 230 ebook catalog at the Bloomsbury website, here.


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