Google’s “What do you love?” (example: books)

Here’s a new one, that I never would have heard of if I hadn’t happened to see this Mashable article (“What Do You Love: Google’s Ultimate Mashup“):

Google has launched a new, mysterious service called What Do You Love. It’s a simple search box, similar to the one on Google’s homepage, but it returns results from more than 20 different Google services, including Google Translate, Trends, YouTube, Maps and Groups.

Mysterious indeed. At first glance, it does appear to be a way to do a sort of meta-Google search on twenty things at the same time. For broad information-gathering tasks, I could see this being something — maybe I want to do a super Google search, and see all book-related search results on Google, Google News, Google Scholar, and Google Blog Search at the same time.

Check it out at: or

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