How Do You Publish a Blog?

Speaking of profit, Mashable (“HOW TO: Publish Your Blog on the Amazon Kindle“) has a short but sweet rundown of the dollars and cents involved:

Let’s talk about numbers. First, you don’t get to choose pricing – Amazon does, based on what it believes is fair. This means $0.99 or $1.99 per month for most blogs. There is no way to distribute your blog for free, either.

Also important: you only get 30% of the subscription revenue. Thus if your blog goes for $0.99 cents and 1000 people subscribe to it via the Kindle, you’re not going to make $990, but rather $297

I’d be rather curious to see how many people are in fact paying for blogs and what sorts of blogs are most popular. Of course, Amazon is famous for keeping such details very close to the vest (PCWorld: “Amazon Kindle Sales: As Vague As They Wanna Be“).

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