Interesting: Twitter UK’s New Visualization Tool

Twitter UK recently launched a beta of an interactive visualization tool, that sounds even potentially even more interesting than they are giving it credit for. From the Twitter UK blog: “Be inspired by Everyday Moments with Twitter’s interactive tool.”

While the announcement comes in the context of always-on branding and marketing opportunities (which does make a whole lot of sense) geared towards social media managers, I think this could have much broader implications for the ways in which we observe how social interactions unfold on a large scale. [click on the image below to go to an interactive demo of the visualization tool]”

From the Twitter UK blog: “We hope you’ll be fascinated by the scale and predictability of conversation patterns across Britain. Be it how chatter about coffee as it lights up the map between 8-10 a.m. during the week, or how much we all seem to like talking about the weather, the patterns of discussion give a unique insight into the rhythm of everyday life in the UK and Ireland.”

Aside from the national obsession with weather (silly British people), the ebb and flow of a simultaneous, shared conversation between millions of Twitter users could give us great insight into the ways in which information flows from place to place and form person to person.

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