Jonathan Franzen Signs a Kindle

My favorite picture of the week, courtesy of GalleyCat: “Jonathan Franzen Signs a Kindle” —

“One Reddit user convinced Jonathan Franzen to sign his Kindle eReader this week, earning a “resigned sigh” from the digitally averse novelist.

As you can see by the image embedded above, it appears Franzen scribbled his name and wrote “SIGNED KINDLE” on the back of the device.”

For the record, here’s a corresponding post on (“I Made Jonathan Franzen Sign His First Kindle” —

“In the photo, you’ll see that Franzen dated the rakish “J. Franzen was here” by writing “8-9-10,” though this momentous occasion actually took place on Sept. 8, 2010 (9/8/10). Franzen blushingly justified the mistake as being in “the European style.” After the deed was complete, I’d like to say that I laughed devilishly at having signed his soul over to the digital age, but I just thanked him and moved along.”

Yep, that’s a lot more than I thought I would ever be writing with the words “Jonathan Franzen” and “Kindle” in one post.

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