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From Publishing Perspectives: “Love Haruki Murakami? There’s An App For That.” The calendar/diary app is U.K.-only which is too bad, because it’s exactly the sort of thing I would spend £1.99 on.

Vintage Books and Aimer Media have joined forces to create a Haruki Murakami inspired diary app, Murakami Diary, containing six new exclusive short stories by the acclaimed (and often rumored Nobel Prize candidate) Japanese author as well as quotes from earlier works … Quotes and images are found within the diary format. For example, accompanying the diary page for Sunday March 31 is a quote from the novel Norwegian Wood:“[The letter] was dated 31 March. After I read it, I stayed on the porch and let my eyes wander out of the garden, full now with the freshness of spring. An old cherry tree stood there, its blossoms nearing the height of their glory.”

Since I can’t get the first-person experience, I will live vicariously through The Guardian’s review (“Haruki Murakami? There’s an iPhone and iPad diary app for him…“) —

“Nor is it pure marketing content, although its release has been timed to appear alongside the paperback release of Murakami’s last novel 1Q84 and the repackaging of his backlist. Instead, Random House and its developer partner Aimer Media are part of a welcome trend for promotional apps that actually fulfill a useful function. In this case, it’s a calendar, which pulls in entries from Apple’s iCal system, while peppering the year with quotes from Murakami’s backlist of novels and short stories – all sharable via Facebook, Twitter and email.

… The geek in me (both literary and technological) would love to see what Random House might do with a fully-fledged interactive version of one of Murakami’s novels, more around contextual notes and perhaps the musical references.”

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