Paradise Lost: The Movie (?)

The Atlantic (“‘Paradise Lost’: The 3-D Movie Adaptation“) more or less covers my feelings on this news. No sense complaining about it, since once the movie studio machinery is in motion, nothing short of an Act of God (ha) will prevent it, so we should hope for the best:

“I just hope that Legendary Pictures keeps a couple of things in mind with this adaptation. First, most of the characters are boring. Adam and Eve are hopelessly naive and lovey-dovey. God’s a bit of an impenetrable jerk. And the Son just sort of sits around and glows obnoxiously. If it takes aerial warfare to spice things up, fine. But cast a seriously phenomenal actor as Satan, because you’re going to need it. Second, don’t skimp on the special effects. This isn’t some cheap-angels-attack-a-diner-Legion-style penny-ante conflict. This is the big one.”

I have fond memories from an excellent English 118 course about appreciating all that is great and beautiful in the Milton epic poem. Sure, there’s a lot of action in the epic — it’s fair to say it’s the epic to end all epics, isn’t it? — but: how well will the epic-ness translate to the big screen? I’m somewhat skeptical, but still curious.

That curiosity prompts me to at least check out the early concept art for Lucifer released just this past month at Comic-Con:

And for those that are interested, the website has the best collection of news on this movie project, it seeems.

Also — a link to the IMDb page.

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