The Great Gatsby Trailer … from 1926

The new Great Gatsby trailer has touched off quite a few impassioned responses already (see: Vanity Fair, “Baz Luhrmann’s Flashy Great Gatsby Trailer Earns Critical Praise, Sets Off Internet Backlash“).

But have a look at this 1926 Gatsby trailer, courtesy of The Paris Review: “a silent 1926 version scripted by Fitzgerald himself. All that survives—to anyone’s knowledge—is the footage that follows.”

As the trailer says: “No need to talk about this picture — just look at these sample scenes!”

And here is the 2012 Gatsby trailer, for sake of comparison. (Image below goes to the Apple trailer, which is free of the tacky ads on the YouTube version).

And yes, there was a typo in the trailer : EW, “D’oh! of the Week: ‘The Great Gatsby’ trailer goof

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