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Last Year's Bookfest Logo (but you get the idea)

I will be reading Alice in Wonderland at the Oxfam Bookfest Readathon. The Readathon is intended to illustrate the central role that books play in people’s lives and the impact that buying a book from Oxfam can have on the lives of poor people around the world. It will be twenty four hours (9am Monday July 5th to 9am Tuesday July 6th) of continuous readings to support the great good work that Oxfam’s bookshops do.

Oxfam’s mission of helping those in need as a result of poverty from climate change, natural disasters, economic pressures and conflicts which affect so many millions and hitting the poor first and worst is a wonderful cause to be supporting.

Last year’s Bookfest resulted in a 40% increase in book donations to Oxfam, and hundreds of thousands of pounds of additional book sales in the months following Bookfest. According to Oxfam, sales of even two dozen books are enough to equip a whole classrooms, and a normal month’s book sales buys safe water for 2.1 million people, which says a lot about the importance of supporting Oxfam’s Bookfest events.

If you are in London, I hope you can attend!

When: Monday 5th JULY 2010 (I’ll be there early this evening)

Where: Oxfam Bookshop, 91 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 4RB

More About Oxfam Bookfest 2010 readathon

An ambitious day-long readathon will launch Oxfam’s Bookfest 2010. Top writers, poets authors and celebrities along with Oxfam volunteers and customers will take part in a continuous reading aloud session at Oxfam’s flagship Bookshop in Marylebone. The readathon will begin at 8am on Monday 05 July and continue long into the night, and is the launch event for Oxfam’s second annual book festival Bookfest which runs from 3-17 July.

Last year’s Bookfest resulted in a 40% increase in book donations to Oxfam, and in the months following Bookfest the charity made £400,000 through the sale of books. Oxfam is hoping that this year’s Bookfest will be just as successful. Over the course of a fortnight more than 500 Bookfest events will take place in Oxfam Bookshps and regular Oxfam shops, and in libraries, community centres and other venues around the UK, featuring well-known authors and a host of activities for the whole family.

Here is a link to the Oxfam Bookfest Readathon page.

And, some interesting insights from Oxfam’s blog of last year’s events.

Learn more about Oxfam and its mission here.

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