The Simpsons on Classroom Technology, and Waldorf Schools

Ok, this one was too good to not mention. The Education Week blog (“Ed-Tech Lessons from ‘The Simpsons’”) has a fun write up the most recent Simpsons season finale:

In the recently aired episode “Mathlete’s Feat,” Springfield Elementary receives a sizable donation from successful former students for a 1-to-1 tablet effort and school-wide upgrade to “the latest cloud-based technology.”

…  Principal Skinner sets about digitizing the entire school, bringing in e-books, interactive white boards, 3-D printers, a digital flag, and even a robot vacuum to serve as janitor Willie’s ‘supervisor.'”

LAUSD) adopting ed-tech in the classroom.

The most memorable gag for me was The Anti-Gutenberg 3000 — first thing it reminded me of: NPR’s “Do Libraries Really Destroy Books?“.

The Spring Garden Waldorf School blog (“Waldorf Education Featured on The Simpsons Season Finale“) had a good discussion on the rest of the episode — when Lisa comes up with a low-tech solution to save the day by incorporating a learn-by-doing Waldorf style education at Springfield Elementary.

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