Tintin Conference

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Tintin and Hergé Tintin and comic book history Tintin and detective fiction Tintin and the adventure story Tintin in translation Censorship of Tintin Tintin’s spinoffs Tintin in adaptations Tintin in films Tintin fan culture Tintin and geography Tintin and travel Tintin as cultural phenomenon Travel and colonialism Treatment of race in Tintin Snowy as sidekick Animal welfare EcoTintin Tintin and gender Tintin and masculinity; homosocial relations Tintin in criticism

Submission Guidelines:

1. Submission deadline for abstracts (400 words) and a short biography (150 words) for your 20-minute presentation: 31 October 2013. 2. Please do not send documents as attachments.

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