Twitter Insights on Scotland and #IndyRef

The role that social media is playing in the potentially historic September 18 Scottish Independence referendum is becoming quite a story in itself. How is social media (specifically, platforms such as Twitter and Facebook) helping to shape and promote the kind of discourse and debate surrounding the independence referendum?

The Twitter UK blog (“How the first #IndyRef debate played out on Twitter“) shared some thoroughly fascinating data from the first live televised debate:

“There were 186,267 Tweets about the Scotland #IndyRef debate tonight, with a peak of 2,019 Tweets per minute (TPM)”

My favorite part was the live interactive map which shows the Yes/No Twitter activity unfold in real time. It’s an unique look into what a massive, rapid, shared experience social media can create (click on the image below to view the full, and very cool interactive map):

Also worth a mention is the work over at the University of Glasgow’s Policy Scotland team, where they have been very actively following the usage of Twitter in the referendum debate.

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