What is Findings.com?

Delicious, part GoodReads: Findings.com

For online readers, Findings.com serves as a means “for collecting, sharing and discussing clips you find on your Amazon Kindle and from any website on the internet. Just import your Amazon Kindle Highlights with Findings and you can start sharing and discussing them with others instantly.”

ReadWriteWeb (“Findings.com Turns Marginalia into Discovery Engines“) shares some of the background of Findings.com, including  Steven Johnson’s ideas about “tools for thinking” that helped shape the newly launched Findings website —

“The idea came about four years ago, when writer  Steven Johnson wondered what it would be like to capture what someone was reading. Finding and capturing quotes is only one part of this service, though – its magic lies in the discovery aspects of the metadata.”

You can check out the Findings.com video here:

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