What’s Byook?

The first book they’ve launched in byook-form is Sherlock Holmes, and the famous locked room mystery, “The Adventure of the Speckled Band.”

I also really, really liked their video. It’s definitely worth the 58 seconds:

The technological enhancements have somewhat of a light touch, which leaves more to the imagination while reading and perhaps helps to blend into the reading of the story. It’s interesting to see the varied approaches of the ebook form –unlike other enhanced ebooks we’ve looked at, the primary action with the byook is still the reading of the text. Perhaps its the influence of their video, with its quaint and charming old-fashion aesthetic, but this approach seems well-suited towards fiction, and perhaps even certain classics.

What new byook books will we see? I hope to see more from them. I did manage to find a product catalog (link goes to a pdf). Here’s a link to Byook on iTunes.

Could be interesting. The name “Byook” really doesn’t roll off one’s tongue, though. Just sayin’.

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