“Yellow Submarine,” in awesome ebook form

From CNET, “Yellow Submarine dives into Apple as animated e-book” —

“Much more than just another static e-book, “Yellow Submarine” is an interactive ride complete with full-color illustrations, animations, video clips, and music from the film.

Viewing the book page by page reveals many of the familiar scenes and characters, often animated. Sometimes the characters move by themselves. Other times tapping on a certain character causes it to move or laugh or change colors unexpectedly.

One cool page shows the Beatles popping their heads up through the Sea of Holes. Tapping on the head of John, Paul, George, or Ringo causes it to disappear and pop up in another hole. Another page reveals the large-nosed Suckophant monster sucking in other sea creatures.”

For a more nostalgic account, check out Mac Observer’s thoughts on The Beatles Yellow Submarine.

Check out The Beatles in enhanced ebook form, and download it for free here on iTunes. It’s a 318 MB download. And it’s also awesome. You’ll also need iBooks (i.e., an iOS device … iPhone, iPad, etc.)

(thanks D. Okamura for the link)

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